Live stream — Norwich

Live streaming of church services will be begin ~15 min prior to the start of the service.

If the stream doesn’t work, you can also call in via 519-900-0098 (pin 186390).

The Courtland live stream is available here: Live stream — Courtland.


Wednesday, March 29, 2023 2 PM (Rev. G.M. de Leeuw)
Installation of Rev. H. de Leeuw to the NRC of Brant County

Psalter 227:1-3
Scripture: Isaiah 6
Psalter 57:1-3
Psalter 396:1-3
Psalter 345:2
Psalter 442:4,5

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 7 PM (Rev. H. de Leeuw)
Inaugural service of Rev. H. de Leeuw

Psalter 221:1-3
Scripture: Revelation 10
Psalter 193:1-6
Psalter 367:4,5
Psalter 246:3
Psalter 445:1,2,4
Psalter 265:1-3

You can always listen to past services here.